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Magnet Gunstock, with But. Touch

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  • Non affected tracking
  • Light weight
  • Customizable rotation of controllers
  • Sling ready

  • Sturdy yet configurable design with
    heavy pull Neodyme magnets.
    Ability to lock back control.
    Loops on top for use with sling.

    Get your own pipe, way cheaper to get it at your local hardware store.
    Amount added to price is freight.

    EU standard 20mm PVC pipe.
    Equivalent for North America, with some tinkering
    (guide cut away in fasteners), is 1/2" Schedular 80 Pipe.

    13pcs 3D printed 50µm ABS.
    4pcs mounted Neodyme magnets
    24pcs of TX-10 (Torx ) screws

    Touch controllers not included.


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