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Touch Magnet Stock - INJECTION MOULD. Offer ends 1st of March.

100 EUR65 EUR

NOTE: Butt and Cheek rest Stock is included in Limited offer.
Limited offer ends at 1st of March.

Pre Order of Touch Magnet Stock.
Limited offer includes butt & cheek accessory (worth €35).
Limited offer ends 1st of March.

Injection moulded version of the Touch Magnet Stock.
Complete set in box.

Set includes:

  • 2x Universal top mount set, with strong Neodymium magnets.
  • 2x Bottom Touch Magnet mounts, replaceable screw on Neodymium magnets.
  • 16x screws, Torx10
  • 2x screw, Torx20
  • 1x 29cm Black PVC Pipe
  • Manual

  • 1x Butt (3D printed ABS, 50µ layer height)
  • 1x Cheekrest
  • 2x Fasteners  (3D printed ABS, 50µ layer height) 
  • 1x 10cm Black PVC Bridge  
  • 1x 29cm Black PVC Pipe 

Orders will be processed by date of purchase.
IE if you book first you will receive the first order, and so forth.

First wave of orders to be delivered end of March, beginning of April.

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